Tommy Skarlis on Repowering with Evinrude

As a professional angler and a member of Team Evinrude, I am allowed the privilege to help a large number of boaters “re-power” their watercraft.  Here are a few tips that will help in the “re-powering” process.


1. Choose a reputable dealer that is experienced in re-powering with an Evinrude E-TEC engine. Every “Serious” Evinrude dealer I’ve met is exactly that: serious about you, their business and how they treat both. They care about their customers, the products they sell and the service they provide. Evinrude dealers will help you find the right engine, the right prop and even the right accessories to assist in your boating decisions.


2. Try to re-power with an outboard that is as close to the maximum horsepower rating as possible.  Not only will this allow your boat to achieve the optimum performance that it was designed for, but it also adds to the resale value.


3. Realize that re-powering is empowering! I’ve watched numerous friends of mine re-power with an Evinrude E-TEC engine over the last five years and the transformation has been incredible.  Some act like they’ve got a whole new unit (boat and all) and take pride in ownership again. Their boats have never been cleaner or more organized!  Others have found a renewed interest in boating, fishing and water-sports, using it as a way to “connect” or “reconnect” with their families and/or friends! Most are routinely winterizing their engines themselves because of how easy it is.  All of them are amazed at how easy the outboards are on their pocketbooks and the environment.


4. Re-power now!  This is the best time to do it. Most marine dealers are working towards making room for products they hope to sell during the winter months or just looking forward to bringing in next year’s inventory. In layman’s terms, they’re making deals on what’s in stock or what’s about to be in stock. Things may not be as hectic as when they are in the spring time. Trust me, a marine dealer with time to give you a great price is a valuable thing.  Plus, right now Evinrude’s “Reason to Extend the Season” Fall Sales Event is going on offering extended warranties or low interest financing!  Stop in and visit your local Evinrude Dealer – they’re looking forward to seeing you!